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Pre-Licensing AUDIOS & VIDEOS

Click HERE to listen to Sample Test Audios and watch Math Tutorial Videos from our 48-Hour Pre-Exam Course. The math videos demonstrate the various math questions in the course and are listed by chapter. The sample test audios, further down the page, go over each of the questions for the Mid Course Quiz, National Sample Test, and the State Sample Test. Additionally, at the bottom of the page are audios that cover the questions in each of the chapters of the course. You can watch and listen to these videos and audios on any of your devices, including computers, smart phones and tablets. Find a quiet space where you can view/listen quietly without interruption and read along in the binder or with your copy of the test.


Broker Interview Tools 

Deciding on a broker to affiliate with (work with) can be overwhelming -- Different companies offer different commission splits, agent support, marketing support, training/workshops, etc. Knowing what questions to ask in an interview can be crucial to making the best decision. To help, we have developed several interview tools including a list of 20-questions to ask and a list of important things to consider. To download these tools, click on the links below. 

"20 Questions to Ask a Broker/Manager"* -- Download HERE
"Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Broker"* -- Download HERE

These materials are not intended to recruit, induce, encourage, or solicit licensees for membership or affiliation with any organization, nor are they meant to advertise the merits of any organization. We encourage licensees and licensee candidates to carefully interview and compare brokers before making their own decision on an organization with which to affiliate.   

Additional Review for Pre-Licensing Students

For students having trouble passing the Final Review Test, End of Course Test or the PSI Licensing Exam, we recommend that you take some extra time to revisit the course materials and better prepare yourself to pass both the end of course test AND the licensing exam at PSI. Below are suggestions and strategies to better prepare you for success.

DOWNLOAD Additional Review Questions

Our Additional Review Questions packet contains new questions that are not included in the binder to help you study and review. The answer key for these questions is in the back of the packet. Download the packet HERE.

Review Your Scores from the Final Test Review

In class you were given a Final Test Review – If you haven’t already, go back and check your answers (The answers are in the Answer Key at the back of your binder). You will notice that the Answer Key lists the chapters where the answers for each of the questions are taken from. After grading your test, review the Answer Key to see if there is a pattern that shows a weakness or strength in each of the chapters, then go back and re-study the chapters you did not do as well at. Do not go back and memorize the questions and answers on this test, as they will not be presented the same way, using the same words, as the questions on your end of course exam and the licensing exam at PSI. Instead focus on learning the concepts that the questions cover. 

Online Math Tutorials & Sample Test Review Audios

If you haven’t already checked out the online math tutorial videos or sample test review audios, you should check them out HERE. The math videos demonstrate the various math questions in the course and are listed by chapter. The sample test audios, further down the page, go over each of the questions for the Mid Course Quiz, National Sample Test, and the State Sample Test. Additionally, at the bottom of the page are audios that cover the questions in each of the chapters of the course. You can watch and listen to these videos and audios on any of your devices, including computers, smart phones and tablets. Find a quiet space where you can view/listen quietly without interruption and read along in the binder or with your copy of the test.

EXAM PREP EDGE -- Pre-Exam Supplemental Study App

Although not required, the CBG School HIGHLY recommends purchasing Exam Prep Edge, which is an online real estate exam prep program designed to help you pass the licensing exam. Exam Prep Edge is a solution for those who are not sure how to organize their studies, those looking for an extra tool to help them succeed, or for those that are struggling to pass. There are more "bad" exam prep programs out there than good ones and Exam Prep Edge is by far the best we have seen! Included with Exam Prep Edge is an initial assessment of how you are doing with the concepts, unlimited practice exams, individual lessons, grading by topic to help focus your studies where needed, and an easy to use interactive dashboard. Use the special promo code 'CBGSchool" to save $49 off the original price. To learn more or purchase Exam Prep Edge go HERE.   

EXAM PREP EDGE EXAM PASS GUARANTEE:  The developers of Exam Prep Edge are so sure that their program will help you pass the PSI licensing exam that they provide an exam pass guarantee. If you complete the mastery levels described HERE and do not pass your first attempt at the PSI licensing exam, they will refund the cost of their program. Remember, the guarantee is only for passing your first PSI exam attempt and mastery levels must be achieved before taking the PSI exam. For more information about this guarantee or to apply for the refund go HERE.

Test Taking Strategies

Here are some test taking strategies that you may find helpful. You should review these strategies before taking samples tests as well as the end of course test and the PSI licensing exam: 
  • Take your time -- Read slowly -- Do not rush. If it helps, run a finger under the words as you read and reread. Read the question then read the first choice… Then read the question again and read the second choice… etc.
  • Remember that you are looking for the BEST answer, not necessarily the only right answer. So, read ALL the choices before choosing the BEST answer.
  • Think of each of the multiple choices as a series of true/false statements – Read the question plus each individual choice and respond as true OR false.
  • Pay attention to very important key words in either the question or the choices that can change the best answer. Examples:  usually, none, always, never, except, automatically, must, all, all but, only, any, the best, the least, etc.
  • Skip the questions you don’t feel confident answering when you go through the exam the first time and save them for your final review. You may find another question that answers or sheds insight. If you go ahead and guess at the question on your first time through, the PSI test program will not leave it marked as an unanswered question to go back to and you may have difficulty finding it again.
  • If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a mini-break.  Get up and get a drink of water, stretch, look out a window or at a distant wall for 30 to 60 seconds. Take another break if you want/need one. Two breaks of two to three minutes will not cost you much time. The goal is to pass the test, not to get out first or stay the longest.
  • When going through the final round, answer ALL questions before ending. On questions you are unsure of, try to eliminate answers you think are least likely and choose from the remaining answers. Narrow it down the best you can and, give your best guess.
  • Don’t go back and change your answers unless you realize you misread or are absolutely sure. Often your first guess is your best guess.

Good luck with your further studies and testing and please keep us posted on your progress.


Overcoming Anxiety

If you are experiencing test anxiety and it is affecting your test taking, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what is the worst thing that can happen if you fail any of the tests or exams? The worst thing is that you have to retake it -- No big deal. So, think of your first attempt as a "practice run" to help relieve some of the pressure. If you do not pass, you can take it again. Your path does not end just because you do not do well on your first attempt at a test. You have second chances, if needed. If you are a perfectionist, remind yourself that no one will see your scores and all you have to do is pass by one point -- It is ok and normal to get some of the questions wrong. 

Here are some things you can try:

  • Try reading the answers to the questions before you read the question. You will find that this will clue you into what answer the question is looking for and can frame the question in such a way that narrows your thinking to figure out how the question gets to one of the answers.
  • Try reading the question and then the first answer and ask yourself if it is true or false, then read the question again with the second answer and ask if it is true or false, etc. This can simplify the question so there is not as much to think about. 
  • If you find that you are overthinking a question, skip it. Answer the questions that you feel the most confident about first and save the other questions for later. If you are completely unsure of any of the questions, skip them. Often you will find another question later that clues you into the question you skipped, or you remember more after you have worked through other questions. If the math questions cause anxiety for you, leave them until the end. Or if you are good at math, get those questions done first. 
  • TRUST YOUR GUT! We can't tell you how many times anxious students tell us they changed an answer because they were overthinking the question, but their first choice was actually the right answer, so they get it wrong. Do not overthink or second guess yourself. Chances are very good that your first gut instinct is correct. 
  • Practicing testing can help with test anxiety, but going over and over the same practice tests can mean learning that "C" is the correct answer, but not learning the concept. We recommend that you consider purchasing Exam Prep Edge study app (see information listed above), which is an online real estate exam prep program with unlimited practice tests. Practicing and getting immediate feedback that your answers are right can build confidence, reduce anxiety, reinforce the concepts, and hone your test taking skills at the same time. 
  • Pay attention to how you are feeling. When you start to feel your anxiety level increasing, take a moment, close your eyes and do a short peaceful meditation, or stand up and walk away for a few seconds, or focus your eyes away from the materials to a distant spot. Taking a few seconds to refocus will not take away too much time and will make a big difference. Try to bring your anxiety down and do not let it get you worked up. Stay positive and don't let negative thoughts creep in. 
Hopefully these suggestions will help. Do not forget that you can call or text your instructors if you have questions and they may have some really good suggestions on how to tackle your anxiety as well. Hang in there... As much trauma as our test-anxiety students put themselves through, they usually do quite well in the end. 

Need Help?

At any time, if you have questions or need information, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We are here and happy to help. Contact us HERE or call us at (314) 298-5081. Please keep in mind that we are often in classes or working with students and instructors and unable to receive or return phone calls -- You may receive a quicker response through email. To email Contact us HERE

Visiting Our Office: Because we are often conducting classes, visitors are seen by appointment only. Please call us at (314) 298-5081 to make an appointment to speak with our staff in person. Class registrations are not taken in person - Please go HERE to register for classes.

Student Assistance:  If you are a current pre-licensing student seeking assistance from an instructor, you may contact your class instructor at the phone number or email address listed in the Introduction section of your binder OR contact us HERE or at (314) 298-5081. Continuing education students should contact us HERE or at (314) 298-5081.

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